The new SPECTRAMI partnership program

it-sa 2018 was an unqualified success

SPECTRAMI envisions itself as a value-added distributor that provides comprehensive solutions in the fields of information security, data center infrastructures and data communication networks all over the EMEA region.
SPECTRAMI took advantage of the opportunity as an exhibitor at the it-as 2018 expo to introduce its new partnership program to the specialist public gathered at the event.

The launch of this program, a unique initiative in the industry, captured the attention of visitors, it provides customers and partners with all-inclusive (360-degree) enterprise solutions, including multi-point engagement in sales, pre-sales, marketing, delivery, logistics and channel fulfillment.

Experience counts

SPECTRAMI promises its customers improvements in efficiency in all its customers’ and partners’ fields of business. Aside from its large team of specialists in industry and in the relevant applications, the new management team headed by David Preinl (Business Development Director for Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and David Feike (Technical Director for the same countries) are dedicated to achieving such efficiencies.

SPECTRAMI has a permanent on-site presence in Great Britain, Germany, the Netherlands, the UAE, Turkey, Kuwait, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Qatar. The company has shown two-digit growth figures over recent years, and now has a significant presence all over the Europe, the Middle East and Africa (EMEA) region.

The Vendor Extension Model – producing real added value

SPECTRAMI is the very embodiment of its slogan, “Redefining Value.” Our pan-EMEA company follows an approach to ensure that the feature differentiating it from the rest of the market produces genuine added value as well as achieving uncompromising quality and offering a genuine commitment to service.

The benfits:

  • SPECTRAMI works through a robust channel ecosystem and possesses unparalleled expertise in facilitating providers to create a concentrated presence for themselves all over the world.
  • As a pan-EMEA distributor, the company is achieving general recognition on the market for its highly developed Vendor Extension Model (VEM). Through the use of this model, SPECTRAMI provides its partners with complete and comprehensive enterprise solutions.
  • A great many new, highly skilled employees have created new capacities for the company in their specialist fields and are available at short notice worldwide to provide professional advice and support.
  • The SPECTRAMI way of working is tailor-made to suit each of its partners’ individual needs in every area of activity from solution integration, software and services, through construction and provisioning, all the way to consulting and sales, not to mention in its extensive market activities.

SPECTRAMI and the providers it works with

Among the providers that SPECTRAMI introduced at the expo were:
Contrast Security, Cato Networks, DarkBeam, Titus, Swimlane, Authlogics, Cubro and Attivo Networks.

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