Spectrami and CloudSEK announce partnership to enhance Digital Risk Monitoring

This partnership combines CloudSEK's cybersecurity capabilities with Spectrami’s strong channel ecosystem, to deliver digital risk monitoring solutions across EMEA.

Dubai, Bengaluru – 11 March 2020 – Regional Value Added Distributor Spectrami today announced a strategic distribution partnership with CloudSEK to provide its digital risk monitoring solutions across Europe, Middle East and Africa.

Heading into the era of hyper-connectivity, organizations across the globe have the difficult task of fortifying their security posture against cyber threats. By combining CloudSEK’s cybersecurity expertise and Spectrami’s distribution prowess, companies can avail cybersecurity solutions that can efficiently monitor and secure their assets.

“CloudSEK’s integration into Spectrami’s wide range of information security offerings will allow us to accelerate CloudSEK XVigil’s delivery and support capabilities,” said Sourabh Issar, CEO CloudSEK. “And working together will help us realize the full potential of XVigil and enable our customers to anticipate and mitigate the onslaught of ever-evolving cyber threats.”

As part of the collaboration, CloudSEK’s specialized solutions will add to Spectrami’s digital risk monitoring capabilities, and Spectrami will increase CloudSEK’s global footprint, enhance its delivery mechanism, and ensure excellent customer experiences.

Anand Choudha, CEO of Spectrami said “We are excited to partner with CloudSEK to deliver Digital Risk Monitoring solutions to our customers and partners across the region. With few wins already recorded in the region, we are witnessing significant investments by organisations to secure their digital assets and brand reputation. Spectrami, with its skilled resources, along with its network of channel partners are committed to demonstrating the value proposition of CloudSEK’s XVigil platform to its customers”

About Spectrami

SPECTRAMI is a pan-EMEA value-added distributor with a local presence in UK, Germany, Austria, Netherlands and Middle East, Egypt, Turkey & North Africa. With headquarters in the UAE, the company boasts an extensive network of worldwide channel partners. Specializing in end-to-end solutions across information security, data center infrastructure and data communication networks, the global distributor assists enterprises to meet regulatory standards on their infrastructure, protect confidential data assets and applications.

With proficiency across sales, marketing, logistics and management, SPECTRAMI’s unique strengths include excellent resources, effective on-ground support and a highly qualified team to identify optimal sales channels and marketing strategies for a product line. Through thriving partnerships with its 100 plus resellers and systems integrators across more than 40 countries in the EMEA market, the value-added distributor ensures a cohesive business model to cater to evolving customer demands across the globe.

About CloudSEK

Founded in 2015, CloudSEK is on a continued quest to develop intelligent, automated systems that can detect and analyse threats, thus enhancing the scope and efficiency of its customers’ defences. CloudSEK’s proprietary external risk monitoring platform – XVigil, enables organizations, ranging from banks to tech companies, to have real-time visibility of threats pertaining to their assets, brand, and infrastructure. The platform, which is built on state of the art technology, driven by Artificial Intelligence, navigates the surface web, deep web, and dark web, to detect, categorize, and prioritize cyber threats, and subsequently provide real-time alerts to customers.

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