Spectrami & Partner Webinars

Spectrami as well as our partners and vendors offer webinars for a wide range of  IT Security topics. Here´s an overview of available and free webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

29 September 2020
12:00 noon UAE time

Webinar: Talking to the Board About the New Realities of IT Security

Presented by: Extrahop

With the sudden shift of the global workforce from in-office to remote, IT teams quickly transformed their operations to accommodate the new realities of business — including large-scale adoption of work-from-home technologies, heightened activity on customer-facing networks, and greater use of online services.

While these examples of agility allowed business to continue, they also greatly increased the risk of misconfigurations and cyber threats. Now, it’s looking like they could be here to say for a while. On top of that, bad actors have wasted no time trying to exploit new vulnerabilities. In the past several weeks, we’ve seen ransomware attacks affect several major organisations. 

These attacks come on the tail of a surge of attacks across the board brought on during the pandemic, as hackers scanned and took advantage of new workloads, and vulnerable VPN connections and misconfigurations left the gates to the network open. When attacks like these make headlines, panicked board members have one question for CISOs: how can we be sure that won’t happen to us?

We will share top strategies for CISOs to lead board-level conversations about risk management amidst the stark new realities of IT.

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1 October 2020
2:30pm KSA time

Authlogics Logo
Partner Workshop: Complying, Securing and Simplifying the Login Process by Authlogics

Presented by: Authlogics

Join our Technical Workshop to understand how the Authlogics Password Security Management and Multi-Factor Authentication technologies can secure and simplify the End User’s login processes.

Authlogics solutions provide a complete cost-effective multi-factor authentication, password replacement, and single sign-on authentication solution for all devices which can be installed on-premises or hosted in the cloud and quickly integrate with common applications. Users can self-enrol a variety of Multi-Factor token types (up to 10 each) or utilise our deviceless OTP technology for instant deployment.

Authlogics CEO, Steven Hope, will explain:

  • How the Authlogics Password Audit regularly ensures constant compliance.
  • How compromised passwords are detected in our comprehensive Password Breach Database.
  • How to ensure passwords are unique and not shared within organisations.
  • The attributes of the Self Service Password Management.
  • The benefits of Passwordless Authentication.

Attendees can offer their clients a FREE Authlogics Active Directory Password Audit and FREE 30 day trial with rapid deployment.