Spectrami & Partner Webinars

Spectrami as well as our partners and vendors offer webinars for a wide range of  IT Security topics. Here´s an overview of available and free webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

9 December 3:00pm GST

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Webinar: Axonius Partner Training

Presented by: Algosec

As IT environments become increasingly complex, security teams are struggling to maintain visibility. Help your customers understand why asset management matters for Cybersecurity and how the Axonius agentless solution can seamlessly deploy to give organizations the ability to:

– Get a credible, comprehensive asset inventory
– Discover gaps in their security coverage
– Automatically validate and enforce security policy

In this webinar we will cover why both IT and security teams can benefit from cybersecurity asset management, the main use cases, and how to qualify your customers.

Please note that this webinar is for partners only.

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14 December 12:00noon GST

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CrowdStrike Logo
Virtual Briefing: Understanding the Middle East Threat Landscape

Presented by: Anomali, Silobreaker, CrowdStrike

About The Event
Learn about emerging threats and innovative threat intelligence strategies from CrowdStrike, Silobreaker, and Anomali! This virtual threat briefing will bring the community together to discuss threat intelligence challenges, requirements, and best practices. Industry experts will provide briefings on today’s threat landscape, adversaries, and their attack techniques

Who Should Attend
This session is intended for both CXO and senior cyber security professionals. Attendees can anticipate walking away with recommendations for their teams and tangible information to research within their own environments.

Earn CPE Credits
Are you a certified CISSP? You can earn up to 1.5 CPE credits for attending this event. Instructions for claiming your CPE will be sent over email following the conclusion of the event.

Win Gift Vouchers
Stand a chance to be one of the three winners to win $50 vouchers each.

On-Demand Webinars


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Webinar: Build and enforce defense in-depth | An AlgoSec-Cisco Tetration webinar

Presented by: Algosec

Micro-segmentation protects your workloads and applications against lateral movement of malware and limits the spread of insider threats, yet successfully implementing a defense-in-depth strategy using micro-segmentation is complicated. In this technical workshop, Nitin Rajput, Pre-Sales Lead APAC & ME at AlgoSec and Mazen Al Jundi, Technical Solutions Architect at Cisco, will provide a step-by-step blueprint to implementing this strategy using the micro-segmentation capabilities of network security policy management capabilities of AlgoSec and Cisco Tetration.

They will demonstrate how to tighten your security posture within the data center using an allow-list approach. They will also show how to enforce these granular micro-segmented policies enforced on the workloads with Cisco Tetration and a coarse grain policy enforced across the infrastructure through AlgoSec network security policy management.

Join this workshop to learn how to:

  1. Understand your business applications to create your micro-segmentation policy
  2. Validate your micro-segmentation policy is accurate
  3. Enforce these granular policies on workloads and summarized policies across your infrastructure
  4. Use risk and vulnerability analysis to tighten your workload and network security
  5. Identify and manage security risk and compliance in your micro-segmented environment


Wedge Networks Logo
Webinar: Ransomware – Protect yourself in real time with Wedge Networks

Presented by: Wedge Networks

The world is rapidly changing. In the Cloud Connected World, enterprise security capacity is unable to keep up with the rapidly expanding security workloads, causing a widening security gap. Customers are in need of Real-time prevention to protect them from advanced threats. Ineffective malware prevention is greatly increasing risks to all organizations as malware has become a commodity. Signature and heuristic based anti-virus solutions are no longer sufficient. On top of all of this, ransomware attacks have taken centre stage with the largest growth rate; now becoming a top money-maker for hacker groups worldwide.  

In this webinar, you will learn from Wedge Networks, a real-time threat prevention solutions company, about: 

  • The current malware situation and the growth of the ransomware.
  • Anatomy of typical ransomware attack as well as some of the recent high-profile attacks.
  • Real-time Threat Prevention approach and how it is an effective method of STOPPING not only ransomware but also known and unknown malware and targeted attacks; all in real-time.
  • Case studies covering a variety of situations