Spectrami & Partner Webinars

Spectrami as well as our partners and vendors offer webinars for a wide range of  IT Security topics. Here´s an overview of available and free webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

4 June 2020, 2:00pm GST

Webinar: Going Digital? Time for Automation
Presented by: CA Technologies

You probably have many questions before going digital, and automation could be the key to your success.

  • Learn how to get answers to questions like “How to go faster with higher quality” and “How to deploy innovation to multiple clouds”, and many more.
  • Learn how the Automation Center of Enablement approach will help you drive the digital success you expect with intelligent automation.

Presenter: Ghat Kara, Practice Manager, Automation – CA Technologies MENA

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8 June 2020, 2:00pm GST

Webinar: Modernizing Application Architectures with Layer7 Full Lifecycle API Management 
Presented by: CA Technologies

Digital transformation is built on APIs. Layer7 from CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, provides the knowledge and API Management tools enterprises need to integrate systems, accelerate development and securely unlock the value of their data.

Join us for a webinar with . In this session you will;

  • Gain insights on the building blocks of an agile, modern application architecture;
  • Understand how a full lifecycle API Management can help you in modernizing your application architecture;
  • Learn how easily you can implement all the aspects of a full lifecycle API/Microservices Management with the help of Layer7 platform.

Presenter: Karthik Pandurangi, Practice Manager for Layer 7 products – CA Technologies MENA

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9 June 2020, 2:00pm GST

Webinar: Say Good Bye to all your Woes of Asset Management!
Presented by: Axonius

Every Cybersecurity Program of an organization starts with two questions:

1. What to Protect?
2. How to Protect?

Even after years of maturity in Cybersecurity Programs, many companies still struggle with “What to Protect” part.

Because Asset management is one of the most difficult aspects in cybersecurity. In this webinar we will introduce you to Axonius Asset Management Solution which is capable of fixing all the Asset management issues currently faced by IT and Cybersecurity teams.

Axonius integrates with 200+ security and management solutions to discover all assets and provide deep, contextual information about each asset.

In this webinar you will learn:

1. How to get a Comprehensive, Credible Asset inventory
2. How to identify Security Coverage gaps
3. How to Automate and Enforce Security Policies

10 June 2020, 2:00pm GST

Webinar: Managing Multiple Clouds is no more a Challenge with Z-Cloud
Presented by: Hive Pro

Z-Cloud is a Cloud Management Platform from Hive Pro which simplifies management and monitoring of On-Premise Infrastructure and Cloud Infrastructure from a Single Management Console. Provisioning of New Application Servers is simple and standard across any infrastructure.

In this session you will learn :

  • Pay as you grow model
  • Key Features
  • Supported cloud platforms
  • Supported on-premise virtualization Platforms
  • Scalability & flexibility

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16 June 2020, 2:00pm GST

Webinar: Protect your business, empower your people and prevent security breaches
Presented by: CA Technologies

With the explosion of virtualized and cloud environments, the attack surface and number of identities that can be compromised have increased exponentially. As a result, targeted data breaches and insider threats are on the rise. The common theme for many of these attacks is privileged accounts because they hold the “keys to the kingdom”.

Symantec Privileged Access Management (formerly CA Privileged Access Management) is designed to prevent security breaches by:

  • Providing granular authorization of users to systems and accounts
  • Constantly monitoring privileged activity to assess for risk, triggering automated mitigations when higher risk is detected
  • Auditing and recording attempts to access
  • Vaulting and rotating the privileged account’s credentials including passwords or key/token-based authentication.

Presenter: Dario Pattarini, Practice Manager, Security & Mainframe – CA Technologies MENA

23 June 2020
11:00-14:00 GST

Securonix - Next-Gen SIEM, UEBA, NTA and SOAR

Insider Threat Workshop (3.0 CPE credits)*
Presented by: Securonix

Join us for a hands-on virtual threat workshop immersed in a modern approach to threat hunting with a Next-Gen SIEM. (3.0 CPE credits)*

About this Event

  • Are you tired of swivel chair threat hunting?
  • Do you struggle with alert fatigue and the ability to attribute an alarm to a specific user or system to determine the level of risk?
  • Are you interested in transitioning from countless alarms to critical threat alerts?

Securonix, the leader in Next-Gen SIEM and the visionary who introduced the industry to User and Entity Behavior Analytics, and Spectrami, a global value-added distributor offering comprehensive solutions in the realm of information security, data center infrastructure, and data communication networks invite you to join us for a virtual hands-on workshop immersed in a modern approach to threat hunting with a Next-Gen SIEM.

Bring your laptop and your curiosity for an exciting morning of virtual hands-on exercises that walk through real world scenarios.

  • Understand rules vs. threat modeling
  • Contrast traditional event search to modern threat hunting

*Securonix is an official (ISC)² CPE Submitter. You will receive 3.0 CPE credits upon completion of the workshop.


  • Securonix and Spectrami welcome (10 min)
  • Introduction to the Securonix solution and how it enables more efficient threat hunting (20 min)
  • Live demo of the Securonix environment and an explanation of the threat hunting exercise (15 min)
  • Threat hunting exercise. (A PDF of the threat hunting exercise book and login credentials will be shared) (20 min)
  • Break (15 min)
  • Threat hunting exercise continued. Additional assistance will be provided to complete the exercise (30 min)
  • Recap of the threat hunting exercise and follow-up demo of the Securonix solution. Deep dive walk-through of all of the steps documented in threat hunting exercise. Discuss the benefits of a Modern SIEM (45 min):
  • UEBA capabilities automate the manual work of identified anomalies and high-risk activity in the environment
    – Threat models tie together disparate anomalies on the network and reduce time to investigate
    – Spotter and other investigation tools (i.e. link analysis) speed up the process of conducting investigations
  • Q&A and Networking (30 min)

To provide an informational, educational, and interactive session for practitioners that focuses on how advanced analytics capabilities and threat hunting tools can help Cyber and Insider threat teams quickly detect and investigate threats.