Spectrami & Partner Webinars

Spectrami as well as our partners and vendors offer webinars for a wide range of  IT Security topics. Here´s an overview of available and free webinars.

Upcoming Webinars

13 July 2020
12:00 noon UAE time

Workshop: Automating Phishing Incident Response

Presented by: PhishRod

Report – Analyze – Quarantine – Delete

Phishing attacks are on the rise in Middle East & North Africa. While organizations deploy state of the art technology, hackers continue to find ways to infiltrate and steal confidential data. Once a phishing email bypasses the secure email gateway, an end user click is all what it takes to trigger a cyber-attack.

In this session, PhishRod will conduct domain & email spoofing exercise to demonstrate how hackers land a phishing email to your mail box and how an automated phishing incident response can be formed to delete phishing emails that have landed in the mail box.

PhishRod invites you to participate in an hour-long hands on session, where you will learn.

  1. How Hackers bypass a Secure Email Gateway?
  2. Domain & Email Spoofing
  3. Putting SPF Controls to Test
  4. Automating Phishing Incident Response
  5. Using internal threat intelligence for Phishing Defense
  6. Effective Integration of SOC & IT Infrastructure
  7. Coordinated response to delete phishing emails from end user mail box


  1. Certificate of Participation
  2. 200 User License of PhishRod Phishing Defense Center
  3. Voucher for a Cyber Security Certification

13 July 2020
3:00pm UAE time


Webinar: Data Classification: The Foundation of a Successful DLP Strategy
Presented by: Titus

Securing data cannot be achieved by the act of one technology. The growing volumes and diversity of data require a set of purpose-built tools working together to make data security realistically achievable. For many, the automation these tools deliver can bring fear, uncertainty, and doubt. Titus provides tools to remove these concerns by adding context to data so your security ecosystem can be better equipped to make accurate and effective data security decisions.

Data loss prevention (DLP) solutions are often thought of as the first line of defense to address the challenge of insider security threats but can be difficult to implement effectively. Join CJ Adilih as he details how Titus adds much needed intelligence to DLP products by applying metadata to emails and documents at creation and at rest. Through easy-to-understand, real-world use cases, you will learn that, by giving your data a recognisable identity, DLP solutions can be empowered to make better policy decisions.

Join us for this webinar which will include a live demo. 

CJ Adilih, Regional Sales Manager at Titus
Sylvain Henning, Sales Engineer at Titus

14 July 2020
3:00 pm UAE time

Webinar: Oracle E-Business Suite Vulnerabilities Put Thousands of Organizations at Risk

Presented by: Onapsis

Key Steps To Securing Your Oracle EBS

Mission-critical ERP applications are increasingly targeted by malicious attackers who seek to steal the “crown jewels” of an organization. An increasing number of vulnerabilities in these systems makes these attacks even easier and puts thousands at risk. An attack on Oracle EBS can be unauthenticated, requiring no user credentials or passwords and would bypass existing Segregation of Duties (SoD) and access controls to cause fraud, theft or disruption – leaving no trace.

Upon further research, the Onapsis Research Lab has identified two serious examples of what an attack on these Oracle EBS vulnerabilities would mean to an organization’s business and financials. Attend this webinar to learn more about the Oracle EBS vulnerabilities, two attack scenarios and their potential business impact, including compliance violations. We’ll also cover general recommendations for securing your EBS environment. Join our Oracle security expert from Onapsis to learn:

  • What this means to your organization if these vulnerabilities were exploited
  • Two potential attack scenarios: manipulating wire transfers and compromising check printing
  • How to assess if you have these vulnerabilities and how to remediate the risk
  • General EBS security tips, including applying Critical Patch Updates (CPU) in a timely fashion, enabling important Oracle E-Business Suite security features, periodically re-assessing your security posture, and automating the process

All attendees are eligible for a free 60-day trial of the Onapsis Platform for your Oracle EBS.

Mike Miller, Product Architect for Oracle Solutions, Onapsis

15 July 2020
12:00 noon UAE time

Webinar: Cloud Migrations: Don’t Go In Blind

Presented by: ColorTokens

As cloud adoption has become the new normal, enterprises are looking at cloud migration that enables the business to transform, expand, and adopt new technologies faster.

However, cloud migration does come with various challenges, so it’s important for organizations to develop and implement a cloud-first strategy to ensure success and security.

Join the webinar Cloud Migrations: Don’t Go in Blind for expert insight on a range of topics related to cloud migration, including:

  • Common mistakes and costs of misconfigurations
  • The importance of visibility, micro-segmentation, and control of cloud-based workloads
  • How to enforce consistent security policies in dynamic environments
  • Technologies that can help ensure a secure cloud migration journey

15 July 2020
3:00 pm UAE time

Partner Webinar: Get back on NAC by Pulse Secure

Presented by: Pulse Secure

Enterprises face increasing cybercrime activity and data breaches, which now cost an average $4M each.

Network Access Control (NAC) solutions provide organizations with continuous visibility, endpoint and IOT access control, and automated threat mitigation. Using Network Access Control (NAC), you can implement a “comply to connect” strategy that uses strong endpoint authentication, host checking, conditional access, guest management, IoT security, interoperability and automated threat response capabilities to fortify their security posture and to support compliance requisites.

Join Spectrami and PulseSecure for an exclusive tech webinar titled ‘Get back on NAC’. The agenda will include:

  • How to sell PulseSecure – NAC solution to existing PulseSecure – VPN customers
  • How PPS (Pulse Policy Secure – NAC) and PCS (Pulse connect Secure – VPN) work better together
  • Pulse Visibility and threat response

27 July 2020
12:00 noon UAE time


Webinar: End to End Authentication. Simplified

Presented by: Authlogics

Phishing attacks, credential stuffing, brute force attacks, password spraying.  With cyberattacks on the rise and regulatory bodies introducing more compliance requirements, the expectations for companies to maintain a secure IT infrastructure becomes even more challenging.  Authlogics can simplify this with End to End Authentication solutions.

Our award winning passwordless and deviceless OTP technologies provide a cost-effective alternative to traditional authentication methods allowing you to benefit from real-time prevention and cure.

Simplify and secure your login process with Authlogics.

Join our webinar to find out:

  • Do you comply with the latest guidelines?
  • Are your employees passwords compromised?
  • Is your company likely to experience a data breach?
  • How you can reduce your helpdesk calls and costs.
  • The advantages of using Multi-Factor Authentication.
  • Learn more about the Authlogics Authentication suite.

All attendees are eligible for a FREE Authlogics Active Directory Password Audit and FREE 30 day trial with rapid deployment.

Presenter: Kamber Devijianie, Global Sales Leader, Authlogics

28 July 2020
12:00 noon UAE time

Webinar: Group-IB Fraud day

Presented by: Group-IB

Group-IB is hosting a complimentary informative and interactive seminar focused on online fraud. Industry-leading experts will share their thoughts on today’s main types of online fraud and how to effectively prevent attacks you’re most likely to face during and after the lockdown.

The event starts on July 28, at 12:00 noon UAE time.


12:00 – 12:05 Welcome Speech
Tim Bobak, MEA Director, Group-IB

12:05 – 12:35 Possible fraud that customers may face during and after the lockdown. Investigation Demo.
Pavel Shepetina, Anti-Fraud Specialist, Group-IB

12:35 – 12:45 Check your devices in real-time
Andrey Parshin, Anti-Fraud Specialist, Group-IB

12:45 – 13:15 Use case – Live demo
Andrey Parshin, Anti-Fraud Specialist, Group-IB

13:15 – 13:20 Q&As

29 July 2020
12:00 noon UAE time

Webinar: Prevent customer data compromise in your apps with Lookout

Presented by: Lookout

Smartphone apps have become an integral part of everyday life. Representing 60% of the time spent online. Consumers use them to shop online, check bank accounts, and book flights.

However, this rise in mobile convenience increases the risk of data compromise. Malicious attackers are now primarily targeting mobile devices to steal login credentials and customer data for financial gain. Taking advantage of jailbroken devices, malicious apps, and mobile banking trojans to take over consumer accounts.

Lookout App Defense enables companies to prevent data compromise from their mobile apps. It provides comprehensive visibility and advanced security against the spectrum of mobile risk.

Join Lookout and Spectrami to learn:

– The data compromise risks associated with smartphone apps
– How Lookout provides advanced mobile app protection against data compromise and fraud
– The Lookout difference

Bahaa Hudairi, Regional Sales Director META at Lookout
Ehsan AlRababah, Sales Engineer META at Lookout

4 August 2020
3:00 pm UAE time


Webinar: Protecting sensitive data in a remote working environment
Presented by: Titus

Today’s remote worker reality presents many IT challenges, especially when it comes to protecting your data. Join Scott Hubert, Titus Vice President of Customer Success and CJ Adilih, Regional Sales Manager, as they discuss how best to protect sensitive data while your employees are working from home.

Scott and CJ will share insights on:

  • Methods of data protection – how new mandates have changed customer perspectives and needs
  • Promoting a corporate culture of security – the critical importance of educating your remote employees
  • Modernising your infrastructure – technology adjustments including cloud email/storage, multi-factor authentication, and DLP Policy adjustments
  • Data-centric security – securing methods including classification, data identity, rights management, and encryption
  • People, process, and data resiliency – high availability considerations to assure the continuum of business processes

Register now for this educational session.