Free Cyber Security Assessment and Health checks

While COVID-19 has changed almost every aspect of our lives, the only thing which has not changed, is cyber security threats. Every day we are noticing a surge of Cybersecurity attacks, be it Pandemic themed phishing campaigns or Remote Working Tools exploitation attacks.

In these tough times, Spectrami has stepped up to help. We are offering the following FREE Cyber Security Assessments and Health Checks* to help organizations strengthen their cybersecurity defenses, including: 

  • Security Assessment against External Web Attacks
  • Validation of Existing Security Controls/Solutions against Modern Attacks
  • Preliminary Assessment of infrastructure security
  • Security Solutions’ Health check (For existing Spectrami Customers)

Validation of Existing Security Controls / Solutions against modern attacks

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We will help you Simulate various high-profile attacks on your infrastructure to validate your security controls (NGAV, IDS/IPS, EDR, DLP etc.) using the AttackIQ Attack Simulation Platform.

AttackIQ simulations mimic real-world malware and attack vectors so you can confirm your systems are functioning as intended. All you have to do is install a lightweight agent in one of your Windows PC or Server. Following attack simulations will be included as part of this free assessment:

  • Ransomware attack Simulation on Endpoints.
  • Data Exfiltration Attack Scenario Simulation to test effectiveness of DLP Solutions.
  • Windows Credential Theft Attack Simulation to Assess functionality of End Point Protection.
  • C2C activity Simulation to Assess effectiveness of IDS/IPS Solutions.

Security Assessment against External Web Attacks

Our Experts will assist you to Find and Fix External Web Application vulnerabilities and elevate your defense posture against various sophisticated Attacks.

Due to COVID-19, we have noticed spike in external web application attacks. To harden your defenses against such attacks we will offer you Black-box External Web Application Penetration Test for one Application which will help you find and fix the vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them. For this Assessment, we will utilize our collaborative pen test platform Artemis Pro.

Preliminary Assessment of Infrastructure Security

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We are happy to provide free Preliminary assessment for your infrastructure security that will help you to identify missing technologies in your current security posture and assist you in building a strong defensive shield for your organization.

Security Solutions Health Check (for Existing Spectrami Customers)

It is extremely important right now to make sure that your existing security solutions are functioning optimally. To ensure this, we will conduct free of charge health checks to include firmware upgrades and fixes, review of the system configuration and advice on best practices to defend against modern cyberattacks.

The above will be provided for existing Spectrami Customers using the following Solutions:

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Anomali Threat Intelligence Solutions

As part of health check of Anomali solutions, following aspects will be covered: 

  • Upgrade of ThreatStream Integrator to latest version
  • Upgrade of On-Prem ThreatStream to latest version
  • Review and fine-tuning of Threat intelligence filter to fetch feeds from ThreatStream.
  • Review and fine tuning of Threat intelligence filter for different integrations (SIEM, Firewall etc)
  • Configuration of 1 new integration If required (Out of the box Integration only)
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PulseSecure VPN & Network Access Control Solutions

As part of health check of PulseSecure solutions, following aspects will be covered: 

  • Firmware upgrades and Fixes
  • Scrutiny of Critical logs
  • Identifying and reporting Non-Compliant devices
  • Examination of state Storage and Logging Disk
  • Scrutiny of CPU and Virtual Swap Memory
  • Utilization of appliances
  • Monitoring of concurrent user graph & throughput
  • Ability of load serving of second appliances in HA
  • Examination of non-compliant machines reported by PulseSecure
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LogRhythm SIEM Solutions

As part of health check of LogRhythm solutions, following aspects will be covered: 

  • Inspect System & Application Component health (Disk, Heart-beats, etc)
  • Configuration Review and Recommendations
  • Identify and recommend missing Log Sources
  • Review Alerts, Backup and Maintenance jobs
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Tenable Vulnerability Management Solutions

As part of health check of Tenable Vulnerability Management solutions, following aspects will be covered: 

  • Upgrade various components to latest version
  • Introduce and Configure ARC (Assurance Report Card) as per Industrial Standards
  • Review Policies, Scans, Reports and configuration as per best practice
  • Configuration of Advance Scanning such as Yara-rules, etc.

Titus Data Classification Solution

As part of health check of Titus solutions, following aspects will be covered: 

  • Firmware upgrades to latest version
  • Review endpoint reports with policies violation
  • Review all policies and actions for the admin console
  • Review system configuration and advice on best practices
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CrowdStrike Endpoint Protection and Response

As part of health check of CrowdStrike solutions, following aspects will be covered: 

  • Review and Recommendation of Prevention and Sensor update policies
  • Review and Report Critical or High Priority alerts that have not triaged
  • Examine endpoints for showing inactive sensors
  • Report top 10 endpoints with most detections

* Terms & Conditions Apply. This is a limited time offer and may end without any prior notification. 


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