Modernizing Application Architectures with Layer7 Full Lifecycle API Management


Digital transformation is built on APIs. Layer7 from CA Technologies, a Broadcom company, provides the knowledge and API Management tools enterprises need to integrate systems, accelerate development and securely unlock the value of their data.

Join us for a webinar with . In this session you will;

  • Gain insights on the building blocks of an agile, modern application architecture;
  • Understand how a full lifecycle API Management can help you in modernizing your application architecture;
  • Learn how easily you can implement all the aspects of a full lifecycle API/Microservices Management with the help of Layer7 platform.

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Presented by:

Karthik Pandurangi, Practice Manager for Layer 7 products – CA Technologies MENA

Date and time:

8 June 2020, 2:00pm GST