Data Driven Pentest Platform

Artemis Pro is a Pentest platform that helps you protect against Cyber Threats using data driven analytics. 


Artemis Pro is a next gen Pen Testing SaaS model that allows our clients to leverage a data-driven, continuous collaboration, high visibility platform. Our platform allows our security teams to initiate assessments, track and eventually remediate vulnerabilities at a centralized location.


Artemis Pro is a Pentest platform that helps you protect against cyber threats using data driven analytics. It is a collaborative tool to engage the best white-hat hackers to identify vulnerabilities. In the process, it provides continuous visibility and comparative historical analysis to understand the gaps in your system

The Platform
At Artemis Pro, we use a combination of data, technology and talent to meet your security challenges. We provide a smart and efficient platform with high visibility and historical data through dashboards to give you an intelligent overview of your security program.

  • Save up to 30% cost, time and remediation efforts for better ROI.
  • Track the lifecycle of all identified issues in one place.
  • High visibility and historical data

Artemis Pro is built to improve your security posture, satisfy your requirements for compliance and accelerate go-to-market timeframes. The reports are automatically updated when findings are fixed, thereby giving you updated information at your fingertips. Artemis Pro addresses certifications such as PCI, HIPAA and SOC-2c


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