Workload Protection, Endpoint Protection & Threat Mitigation

ColorTokens’ cloud-delivered platform offers a new generation of proactive security that simplifies and streamlines protection and compliance for cloud workloads, applications, and endpoints.


ColorTokens Inc., a leader in proactive security, provides a modern and new generation of security that empowers global enterprises to single-handedly secure cloud workloads, dynamic applications, endpoints, and users. Through its award-winning cloud-delivered solution, ColorTokens enables security and compliance professionals to leverage real-time visibility, workload protection, endpoint protection, application security, and zero-trust network access.


Built from the ground up, the ColorTokens Security Platform delivers the industry’s only cloud-based solution that combines endpoint protection, workload protection and application control into one lightweight agent.

With a proactive, cloud-based approach, the platform single-handedly secures cloud workloads, containers, dynamic applications, endpoints, servers and users from internal and external threats. This enables enterprises to instantly visualize and segment their entire IT infrastructure, block advanced malware, contain and respond to APTs and zero-day attacks—all while seamlessly integrating with existing security tools.

  1. Visualize everything. Eliminate blind spots. Gain enterprise-wide visibility in an instant, with cloud-delivered 360 security views from Xview.
  2. Take back control of your workloads. Micro-segment with Xshield to automate workload protection, while proactively mitigating APTs and lateral attacks with zero complexity.
  3. Positive security for your endpoints. Protect endpoints, servers and legacy/unpatched systems, with Xprotect, a cloud-based endpoint security.

Xview for Visibility

Full visibility of applications, endpoints and workloads. You can’t protect what you can’t see.

  • Visualize your network like never before – Centralize all assets across clouds and on-premise solutions into a single view and discover every asset that is communicating with your crown jewels
  • Detect threats with advanced analytics – Identify indicators of compromise (IoCs) ahead of the actual threats
  • Effortless compliance through visualization – Simplify compliance and audits for your complex, multicloud environments

Xshield for Cloud Workstation Protection

Secure workloads against internal and external threats with software-defined, zero-disruption micro-segmentation and user access control.

  • Start your protection journey with visualization – Easily discover previously unknown workloads on your network, observe network flows, and map application dependencies
  • Measure your dynamic security posture – Automate and orchestrate policies, and securely migrate applications to the cloud.
  • Enforce with confidence in ZeroTrust Zones – Create ZeroTrust Zones with just a few clicks, containing and blocking communications to proactively secure workloads, users and applications

Xprotect for Endpoint Protection

Proactively lockdown your endpoints from breaches, malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks with a novel cloud-delivered, multi-layered security solution.

  • Stress-free security with one-click – Visualize, define and protect all your endpoints, down to the individual processes
  • Implement extended endpoint protection – Hunt down and respond to zero-day threats by isolating and killing bad processes
  • Lock down legacy and fixed-function systems – Maximize uptime of critical legacy systems without degrading performance


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