cPacket Networks delivers innovative and efficient solutions to monitor, optimize, and safeguard your network.


cPacket Networks is revolutionizing the way you monitor your network. We deliver innovative and efficient solutions to monitor, optimize, and safeguard your network. We provide proactive real-time alerts and always on monitoring to give you better performance, greater visibility, and enhanced security anywhere, anytime. Radical hardware-software architecture enables unique features, functionality, and performance that cannot be matched by other technologies. The smart ports of the cVu devices perform real-time inspection under any traffic conditions, deterministically. They rely on cPacket’s proprietary Algorithmic Fabric Chip which performs the inspection on the-the-fly.


As network speeds and bandwidth increase, centralized monitoring solutions suffer bottlenecks, dropped packets, and data loss. Legacy monitoring architectures rely on aggregating massive amount of traffic for centralized processing, and perform analysis based on after-the-fact information.

cPacket’s Integrated Monitoring Fabric overcomes scalability issues with its next generation network performance architecture that improves operational efficiency and reduces mean time to resolution.

  • Proactively identify issues that degrade network performance before end-users are impacted
  • Enable greater operational intelligence by integrating high-level network visualization of network events with immediate access to complete packet inspection
  • Reduce OPEX and CAPEX across your entire monitoring infrastructure

Visualization & Management

The challenge of proactively monitoring your network is being able to understand large amounts of data in order to determine what is relevant and what is not. Maps and dashboard visualizations provide both the detailed high-level view, and granular access to packets to proactively monitor the troubleshoot the network. It also acts as the management console for the IMF.

Monitoring and Forensic Intelligence

cVU Monitoring Nodes are distributed across your network so you can see every packet in real time, bringing Operational Intelligence closer to the wire and eliminating, bottlenecks and lost data. STOR Forensic Arrays capture and store packet traffic to allow you to play back incidents while troubleshooting, making intermittent problems easy to understand and solve.

Production Network

This is the lifeblood of your organization. Your productivity depends on it. Your revenue depends on it. Your compliance depends on it. If it goes down or isn’t performing properly, you have a problem.

In contrast to the legacy monitoring architecture which is a “bottleneck by design”, cPacket’s solutions scale to addresses the operational needs in modern high speed networks, data centers, and cloud environments. The legacy monitoring architecture was designed decades ago and relies on aggregating all the traffic to a centralized location and post-processing it after-the-fact. This legacy approach causes a fundamental bottleneck as the volume and speed of traffic are dramatically increasing.

cPacket eliminates the fundamental bottleneck by performing Complete Packet Inspection directly at the wire in real-time, such that the heavy lifting of inspecting every bit in every packet and every flow is distributed, while the configuration, reporting, and alerting are centralized.

cPacket Network Facts


cPacket’s Traffic Monitoring Switches enable productive data center operations and efficient cloud applications by delivering distributed network visibility and response.

Standard capabilities like any-to-any aggregation, replication, and coherent flow balancing are combined with unique capabilities like detailed real-time reports, historical trend analysis, on-the-fly microburst detection, automatic alerts based on customizable triggers, and granular filtering based on complete packet inspection and pattern search at wire speed.

The cVu monitoring switches serve as a central tools-hub that feed relevant packets into a variety of network monitoring, analysis, and security tools as needed. At the same time, cPacket’s unique features, based on its proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip, enable broad situational awareness and detailed visibility to performance metrics across the network infrastructure.

Unique built-in features of the cVu Traffic Monitoring Switch family include:

  • Detailed real-time and historical reports of utilization, performance, and user-defined metrics based on Complete Packet Inspection
  • Easy to use templates for filters and customizable counters according to any combination of header fields and pattern search anywhere in the packets’ payload, including min size and jumbo packets
  • Instant browser access to snapshots of custom user-defined traffic profiles
  • Coherent flow balancing with pre-filtering, user-defined relative weights, and flexible balancing policies
  • Optional de-duplication for eliminating undesirable redundancies in aggregated traffic
  • Configurable transparent tunneling to stream selected traffic over a routed media to remote tools (encapsulation and decapsulation)
  • Adaptive truncation of payload content of packets to allow access to all headers, while preventing access to sensitive customers’ content
  • Highly accurate time stamping immediately at the transceiver input, before queuing, buffering, or aggregation, to eliminate stochastic contamination of downstream timing analysis
  • Best-of-breed hardware clock synchronization with digital Phase-Lock-Loop (PLL) for highly accurate time stamping at nanosecond resolution
  • Customizable high-resolution counters at user defined granularity and flexible high-speed export via CSV files or real-time streaming
  • Automatic spikes and microburst detection on-the-fly with user-defined thresholds and alerts

SPIFEE is an innovative software platform for simplified network visibility utilizing distributed deployment of cVu traffic monitoring switches. It combines detailed performance monitoring, proactive alerts, and the ability to search and find specific traffic profiles according to any combination of header fields and patterns in the payload content.

Each smart port of the distributed cVu devices extracts network performance metrics and customizable health indicators by doing the heavy lifting of inspecting every bit in every packet and every flow in real-time. The SPIFEE dashboard collects the granular metadata from all the distributed smart ports and allows operators to visualize, correlate and analyze the network and applications behavior from any web browser.

The simple to use Performance Gadget provides easy access to granular analytics. Similar to how stock traders use interactive “stock charts” to visualize, compare and analyze pricing of different financial instruments at different exchanges, network operators use the SPIFEE Performance Gadget to compare metrics from anywhere across the network environment.

Proactive Alerts identify hotspots, bottlenecks, and behavioral anomalies according to thresholds, ratios, and error events. It allows operators to set automatic triggers to detect intermittent disturbances or applications’ misbehavior.

A unique real-time distributed network search enables operators to search (grep) the entire network and filter any specific traffic profiles according to any combination of header fields and patterns in the packets’ payload content. It operates under any traffic conditions, deterministically.

SPIFEE-Maps provide dynamic visual representation of bandwidth, alerts, and congestion hot-spots. SPIFEE-Maps is an overlay transforming a conventional static network map into a dynamic traffic view by adding real time insight into imminent network storms. It enables network teams to easily track, optimize and troubleshoot complex data centers, intermittent cloud applications and bottlenecks in high speed networks.

The combination of SPIFEE’s unique features transforms network operations and facilitates more efficient work process for maintenance, optimization, and troubleshooting. It radically simplifies the access to critical information on demand. Without SPIFEE, the operation teams must spend an inordinate amount of time and resources to look for the relevant data. However, SPIFEE delivers instant access to the critical information, which enables more productive utilization of time and resources. It supports effective capacity planning and traffic engineering, while shortening the time to resolution of performance bottlenecks and intermittent applications’ behavior.

cPacket’s cStor™ appliance is a cost effective solution for recording high speed traffic at critical network links for retrospective analysis of operational issues and security incidents. The cStor captures packets on a modular disk-array at line-rate.

Operators can retrieve on-demand, any slice of the captured data using a simple web GUI or automated scripts. The historical recording enables forensic examination of incidents as the basis for fact-driven corrective actions. Ingress traffic to the cStor appliance comes from cPacket’s cVu monitoring device.

The cVu’s smart ports are unique real-time sensors that inspect all the incoming traffic on-the-fly and extract key performance indicators and proactive alerts about abnormalities. Using the cVu, operators can selectively filter, forward, aggregate, auto-balance, truncate, de-duplicate, and time-stamp any traffic from multiple network links and record the corresponding packets data on the cStor.

A distributed deployment of cVu and cStor devices across the entire network is managed from SPIFEE’s centralized dashboard. cPacket’s integrated solution streamlines network operations and minimizes the time to resolution of complex performance and security issues.

The Cx 4100 and Cx 8100 expand the capability of the cPacket Integrated Monitoring Fabric (IMF) by delivering wirespeed millisecond- precision predictive behavioral analysis and load balancing across up to 4 x 100G links.

With the transition to 100G, the ability to reliably monitor at full-line rate becomes a challenge that legacy monitoring solutions struggle to handle. The Cx 4100 and Cx 8100 expand the IMF to support these 100G requirements, and when combined with the other elements of the IMF (cVu, cStor and cClear), they provide the highest level of network visibility and analysis available for end-to-end visibility, capacity planning, and security analytics. With immediate access to the packet-level details customers can identify problems proactively, such as network spikes and bursts, oversubscription, misconfiguration, and equipment failures.

With its advanced Distributed Monitoring Architecture, and patented Algorithmic Fabric Chip technology, cPacket can reduce troubleshooting time by over 80% compared to centralized legacy monitoring solutions.

cPacket’s innovative technology delivers scalable Pervasive Network Intelligence, based on the company’s Algorithmic Fabric chip and radical hardware-software architecture.

The global computing infrastructure is rapidly evolving and becoming more distributed and inherently more dependent on the network. The complexity of the applications environment and the speed of communication are increasing by orders of magnitude. Unfortunately, the common network monitoring architecture was designed decades ago and was not conceived to handle large scale problems that arise in large-scale data centers and high-speed networks. In simple terms, the legacy architecture relies on aggregating all the traffic and analyzing it after-the-fact in a centralized location. The increasing volume and speed of network traffic makes this legacy approach a “bottleneck by design.” Such a bottleneck implies lower operational agility, restricted visibility, and slow response time to situations that require corrective actions.

In contrast to the legacy approach, cPacket’s hardware-software architecture is a paradigm shift to a solution, which is physically distributed and logically centralized. cPacket’s proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip performs the heavy lifting of real-time inspection of every bit in every packet and every flow on-the-fly. Uniquely, it delivers deterministic performance guaranty under any traffic conditions. It can handle any traffic load which the network link can accommodate, and thereby is resilient to malicious or unintended denials.

cPacket’s proprietary Algorithmic Fabric chip operates as a standalone transparent bump-in-the-wire; it does not require any external memories or look-up engines. Furthermore, cPacket’s unique pre-processing approach overcomes the bottlenecks of traditional co-processing, which are caused by system bus contention, memory bandwidth limitations, and insufficient look-up rate. The Algorithmic Fabric chip is the engine, which powers the smart ports of cPacket’s cVu traffic monitoring switches and cTap products. It enables them to deliver features, functionality, and performance that cannot be matched by other technologies.

SPIFEE is cPacket’s centralized software dashboard and integrated search-based environment. While the proprietary chip performs the heavy lifting of inspecting every bit in every packet and every flow across all the smart ports of the cVu devices, the centralized SPIFEE software dashboard allows operators to provision the smart ports interactively and to visualize, correlate, and analyze all the performance metrics from a standard web browser.



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