A software defined storage solution

Datera Brings the Software-Defined Revolution to Enterprise Data Storage.


Datera is the only 100% software-based data services platform that powers high-performance application environments @ global scale with game-changing data orchestration and automation in partnership with the leaders in server-based infrastructure, all at a 70% lower total cost of ownership and operation.

Datera is recognized by Network World as a Hot Storage Company to Watch, CRN as a Top Software-Defined Data Center Provider and the Telecom Council as a Service Provider Innovation Award winner. 


From containers to clouds, databases, DevOps and more, Datera offers future-proof scalable solutions for storage that deliver breakthrough agility, cloud simplicity and enterprise-class performance, with better-than-public cloud economics. Datera’s all-in- one platform delivers a cloud-like data infrastructure for your most essential applications running on virtual machines, containers and bare metal.

Relegate Legacy Storage to the Past and Move Forward

Don’t let the storage you start with be the storage you’re stuck with!

Your rigorous solution evaluation yielded a vendor selection, but then the world changed. VMware introduced the Software Defined Data Centre, applications came and went, and new technologies like Flash and Containers sprang-up like popcorn. Your selection may have worked at the time, but now vendor lock-in and new-technology lock-out is holding you back. That was then, but this is now! The opportunity has come to address the problem.


Labour-intensive planning & provisioning

Too many storage tiers & types

Can’t consolidate apps or data


Multiple point-products

Proprietary vendor lock-in

Over-provisioned & under-utilised


Limited scalability

Forklift upgrades & data-migrations

Dedicated storage networks

Datera Data Services Platform

Embrace IT change with Datera, which starts with a new approach to enterprise data storage.

A 100% software-driven approach using standard servers. With the media of your choice, driving, programming and adding new technologies to your infrastructure, from server configurations to media types across generations of innovation. Our machine-learning capabilities automatically rebalance and optimise your data to achieve the quality of service you want by application, tenant, user and compute choice.


Dynamically scalable, self-configuring

Application-driven auto-tiering

Multi-tenant, QoS, app templates


Single software-defined platform

Industry-standard x86 servers

Highly-elastic price/performance

Efficient data reduction & encryption


Asymmetric scale-out design

Future-proof, rapid technology sunrise

Automatic live data-migration

Native L3 networking, rack-scale enabled



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