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Sowohl SPECTRAMI als auch unsere Partner und Hersteller bieten eine breite Palette an Webinaren zum Thema IT-Security an.
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Thema: The Past, Present and Future of SOAR Use Cases
Promoter: Swimlane
Sprache: Englisch

Organizations today are facing a significant challenge. They need to be able to quickly respond to any type of alert, attack or incident. Manual incident response processes and difficulty hiring experienced personnel leaves security teams struggling to keep up with the growing volume of alerts. Security orchestration, automation and response (SOAR) streamlines and speeds up the incident response process by integrating your people, processes and technology.

This means you can do more with your limited security resources, and organizations around the world are realizing significant value from implementing SOAR. In this video, Swimlane’s SOAR Evangelist, Jay Spann will discuss:

  • SOAR History and Current State
  • Implementing SOAR
  • The Future of SOAR
  • Use Case Examples

Thema: Augmented Intelligence in Practice and in the Wild
Promoter: Zerofox
Sprache: Englisch

Artificial Intelligence (AI) tools help security teams search for, identify, and prioritize threats to your organization. AIhelps to enhance human intelligence rather than replace it. A successful security program and strategy involves using multiple tools and capabilities, including AI and experts together, to effectively prioritize the most critical digital threats. In this 15 minute session, Dr. Sam Small, CSO, ZeroFOX shares examples of Augmented Intelligence and how these programs help enterprises make better decisions in IT problem solving. Topics considered are:

Key Take Away
  • Taxonomy of Artificial Intelligence

  • Examples of systems that use augmented intelligence

  • Determine how your organization can evaluate and use AI

Thema: Implementing an Effective Defense Against Ransomware
Promoter: Deep Instinct
Sprache: Englisch

Ransomware has become one of the fastest growing cyber threats faced by enterprises today, not to mention municipal governments, hospitals and schools. What are the most common ways that ransomware gets into systems, and how can you limit the possibility of infection? If you are infected, what steps should you take to mitigate the problem, and how should you deal with the perpetrators? This webinar answers these questions and more, providing expert advice on how to stop ransomware from infecting your critical systems and data, and what to do if your defenses fail.

From this session you will:

  • Learn to apply security hygiene measures and endpoint protections that will make your systems far more resilient.
  • Find out what to do and what NOT to do with backups, to soothe the sting on having been infected.
  • Know the risk factors to assess when determining whether or not to pay out a ransom.
  • Learn to identify the early warning signs that an attacker is planning to deploy ransomware on your systems and stop them in their tracks.

This On-demand webinar is hosted by

Eldad Gal, Cyber Security Product Manager at Deep Instinct
John Pironti, President of IP Architects
Sara Peters, Senior Editor, Dark Reading

Thema: Building the Business Case for Data Classification
Promoter: Titus
Sprache: Englisch

Technology advancements and the way people work, collaborate, and share information are constantly challenging traditional security measures, particularly how we protect information and manage risk. And evolving compliance regulations for data security and privacy are prompting business leaders to adopt a new standard of reliability and transparency when it comes to information protection.

So, how can information security professionals balance security, privacy, employee productivity, and manage risk – all at the same time?

This webinar will show you how to develop a business case for data classification that has the support of your executive team, business unit leaders, and employees, so you can keep your most sensitive information secure and protected.

Gain buy in to support a practical data classification strategy.
Design a change management program that employees will support.
Set the right policies for data classification to meet your business needs.
Identify the data you have, where it is, and who has access, so you can apply the right level of protection to it.

Presenters, Garrett Bekker, Principal Analyst, Information Security at 451 Research, and Matt Luckett, Solutions Architect at TITUS will help you use data classification to strengthen your organization’s approach information and data security.