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Threat Detection and Response Solutions

Automate threat detection, hunting and response across your network, cloud, endpoints and enterprise IoT.


At Fidelis Cybersecurity, we are committed to helping our customers detect and respond to the advanced threats of today and tomorrow, with powerful technology solutions and services that provide security professionals with the accuracy and context to make faster, more informed decisions.


  • Fidelis Network®Gain full network visibility across all ports and protocols, detect threats and prevent data loss.
  • Fidelis Endpoint®Automate Endpoint Detection & Response and Endpoint Protection – all in a single agent.
  • Fidelis DeceptionMap your network assets and detect post-breach attacks with automated deception layers.

Fidelis Network

Fidelis Network transforms security operations, providing unprecedented network visibility combined with automated detection and response. It automatically validates and consolidates network alerts and suspicious activity against every endpoint in your network. Alerts are automatically grouped into Conclusions, eliminating alert fatigue so you can focus on detecting, investigating and stopping attackers at every stage of an attack.

Fidelis Endpoint

Fidelis Endpoint combines rich endpoint visibility and multiple defences with incident response workflow automation including deep interrogation and recorded playbacks reducing hours to minutes for security analysts. Fidelis Endpoint is part of an integrated automated detection and response platform running on premise or as a cloud service.

Fidelis Deception

Fidelis Deception provides a new detection defence for post breach attacks and file-less endpoint attacks with high fidelity alerts and low false positives alongside visibility of ‘east-west’ lateral movement. Deception reverses roles with attackers providing realistic decoy and breadcrumb deception defences to lure, detect and defend with no risk to operations, data or resources. Automation provides continuous discovery of networks and assets to create, deploy and maintain decoy’s and breadcrumbs.


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