Zero Touch Intelligent Automation for Enterprise Deployments and Operations Automation

Hive Pro offers unique solutions powered by Zero Touch Intelligent Automation of Enterprise Solutions Deployment and Operations on Cloud, On-Premise and Hybrid environments.


Hive Pro is a Zero Touch, Multi-Tenant, Intelligent & Automated Enterprise Platform which provides an efficient delivery mechanism for faster deployment and operations of enterprise solutions.

Hive Pro Solutions drastically reduces time to market of enterprise solutions and accelerates customers adoption. Hive Pro automates the deployment and base line configuration of enterprise solutions and reduces the dependency on infrastructure readiness and technical expertise with the help of Digital Workforce.

The intelligent automation and orchestration of applications from the Hive Pro marketplace ensures transparency for our vendors, partners and customers in terms of cost, capacity and resources.


EADA – Enterprise Application Deployment Automation

Simplifying the way Enterprise products are deployed and managed

Hive Pro simplifies the way Enterprise products are deployed and managed by the customer in complex environments. It supports solution deployment in cloud-based, on-prem, and hybrid environments irrespective of the underlying infrastructure and consequently offer series of benefits.

EADA reduces the time to deploy a product from days or months to hours, with minimal or no human intervention.

Hive Pro EADA drastically reduces

  • Blackberry UEM deployment time from 12 days to 2 hours
  • Tenable Security Center deployment time comes down from 3 days to 40 minutes

EOA – Enterprise Operation Automation

Automate your Operational Tasks with EOA

Enterprise Operation Automation (EOA) software with built in AI tools automates operational tasks performed by the human roles within the organization such as SOC or NOC Analyst. It not only reduces the human dependency but also improves efficiency of operations by 100 times resulting in better ROI.

Hive Pro EOA Solution

  • Minimizes the potential for error
  • Increases response capacity
  • Decreases overhead

CMP – Cloud Management Platform

Manage your diverse IT infrastructure under single DOME of Hive Pro CMP

Hive Pro offers CMP platform using which management and consolidation of diverse IT infrastructure is no more a challenge.

HIVE PRO CMP will Consolidate On-Prem IT Infrastructure and Multi Cloud environments

View and manage your infrastructure from a single management platform. Here below are the key benefits:

  • Consolidated view of your on-premise and cloud environments
  • Insights into, managing and controlling public cloud costs
  • Modernize app infrastructure with multi cloud and platform integration.
  • Enhance cost/performance ratios of your cloud infrastructure
  • HIVEPRO CMP is the most robust and vendor agnostic CMP in the market to support most of the Public, Private Clouds and On-premise Virtualizations along with Bare Metal Support.


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