Khalifa Butti Bin Omeir

Group CEO, KBBO Group


KBBO Group is a leading investment group with a diverse portfolio. Our portfolio of investments and operating companies encompass key industry sectors including education, financial services, food & retail, healthcare, information technology and ventures.

KBBO Group’s core focus are consumer driven industries, including healthcare, education and food and retail. The rationale for engaging in these sectors includes our strategic response to increased consumer drive and a commitment to impact investment which will deliver measurable beneficial impacts to society along with financial return.

Our investment strategy also aligns us with the direction set out by the Abu Dhabi Vision 2030 and the UAE Plan 2021, towards a knowledge-based economy.

KBBO Group is a diversified holding company with operating companies in some of the world’s most dynamic industry sectors, and those that are the most critical for sustainable development. Collectively, our operating companies deliver food & retail, healthcare solutions; build technological ideas and education; create new financial corridors and generate value for stakeholders as well as the markets they do business in.

Anand Choudha


An all-out entrepreneur, Anand is passionate about seeking new challenges and addressing them with innovative strategies. He believes in creating a “Vision” and making it a reality with his contagious enthusiasm and an undoubted passion.

He has a wealth of experience of over 20 years in the IT industry, with deep operational knowledge and broad strategic insight in building and scaling global businesses across US, UK, Europe, the Middle East, Turkey, and Africa markets. He is an advocate of change and believes in simple yet effective business processes and a firm believer that people and customer centricity is the key to success.

Distinguished for his ability to identify the right opportunities and leveraging them to their maximum potentials, as a result, Anand has led as a Founder for various IT Ventures like SPECTRAMI, AMISEQ Inc., Altro Smart Inc.

Prior to his entrepreneurial stint, he headed the regional operations of Barracuda Networks.

Anand is a natural inspirational leader who leads by example and mentors his team with stories of his personal experiences that inspire action and commitment. Despite being an excellency with multitudinous achievements, he remains in power with the Next-Gen trends, to expand his knowledge and lever his businesses. Being a well reputed and highly respected personality who is regarded for his credibility in decision making, establishing governance boundaries and partnering with the right set of strategic financing partners, Anand is known to gain grounds and earn his seat at the table wherever he serves. In this era of ever-accelerating growth and advancements in the IT space, Anand aims at incorporating major strategic shifts from IT being just a functional focus to one that enables innovation for businesses and integrating the finance organization that supports a truly global company.

Anand holds an MBA from the International Institute of Professional Studies, and pursued his degree in Electronics and Communications from the PDA College of Engineering.