Mobile Application and Endpoint Security and Phishing Protection

Lookout provides a highly scalable cloud- and mobile-first platform, with a privacy-centric approach that continuously protects users and enterprise data from the latest phishing, application, device, and network threats. The Lookout Security Platform offers the flexibility of easy-of-use modules for mobile protection, detection, visibility, analysis, response and remediation.


Lookout is a cybersecurity company that makes it possible for individuals and enterprises to be both mobile and secure. Where over 180 million mobile devices worldwide have contributed security data to the Lookout Security Cloud, which can identify complex connections and predict risks that would otherwise go unseen.Lookout has the largest data set of mobile applications in the market with over 100 million apps analyzed. This allows Lookout to identify more malware and risks due to the amount of data that we ingest and analyze. Our patented machine learning
technology is continuously refreshed with global telemetry (metadata) that allow us to identify new threats as they emerge.


Lookout products include

  • Mobile Endpoint Security
  • Phishing and content Protection
  • In App Protection and App shielding
  • Lookout Advisory Services

Mobile Endpoint Security (MES)

As your data goes mobile, Lookout AI closes your security gap

Many organizations are now embracing the use of smartphones and tablets to increase productivity in the workplace, and as more sensitive data goes mobile, your organization’s security policies must extend to your mobile endpoint devices. Lookout Mobile Endpoint Security makes it easy to get visibility into the entire spectrum of mobile risk, apply policies to measurably reduce that risk, and integrate into your existing security and mobile management solutions.

The success of Lookout’s personal and enterprise mobile endpoint products has given us visibility into over 180 million mobile devices worldwide. This unparalleled visibility into devices, apps, networks, and OS firmware allows us to continuously adapt our machine learning technologies to detect emerging threats with high fidelity.


Phishing and Content Protection

Protect your employees from emerging phishing threats

Phishing is the primary means attackers gain access to your organization’s network and corporate data. It is relatively easy to fool an end user into clicking on a link, which can lead to malicious websites or downloads. Lookout-exclusive data indicates that up to 25% of employees are fooled into clicking links during phishing tests. Many organizations have already invested in email security protections and spam filters, supplemented by additional perimeter provisions such as firewalls and secure web gateways. However this is increasingly inadequate as employees move outside the perimeter and use other apps, both personal and corporate, for data access and communications.

The Lookout artificial intelligence detection engine proactively determines the reputation of sites on the Internet. With an always-on approach, Lookout Phishing AI detects phishing kits as they are being built, before any user is targeted and an attack is executed. We share select findings with the world here @PhishingAI.

Phishing is more problematic on Mobile

It only takes one errant tap to compromise a mobile device. That tap may be on a malicious URL that was truncated in the browser window, a URL an app accessed in its backend to unknowingly connect to a malicious ad network, or a link in personal email created to trick a user into offering corporate credentials—that enables an attacker to move laterally in your infrastructure towards your valuable data.


In App Protection and App shielding

In-App protection for sensitive customer data in your mobile apps

Apps have won on mobile. Smartphone apps now represent 60% of all time spent online. However, while mobile apps bring new conveniences, such as mobile banking, they also introduce new risks in the form of mobile security threats such as trojans that steal login credentials, and jailbroken/rooted devices that leave your apps vulnerable to data compromise. Leveraging the world’s largest mobile data set from over 180 million mobile devices worldwide, Lookout can detect security threats and risks such as a breach of customer data, and take action by blocking access before customer data is compromised.


Lookout Advisory Services

A golbal pass to cutting-edge mobile threat intelligence

Lookout Threat Advisory provides cutting-edge mobile threat intelligence from Lookout’s global sensor network of millions of mobile devices and insights from Lookout’s top mobile security researchers. Customers get access to monthly threats reports and analyst inquiry calls, quarterly webcasts, and also get early access to novel Lookout threat research.


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