The greatest risk to your business today isn’t the outsider trying to get in. It’s the people you trust – the ones who already have the keys.

Addressing this type of threat requires a different approach to addressing external threats; whether unintentional or malicious, organisations with sensitive data need to act quickly to identify and eliminate insider threats.

With more than 1,900 global customers across 87 countries and all major verticals, ObserveIT empowers security teams to detect insider threats, streamline the investigation process, and prevent data exfiltration – enabling you to reduce your risk and protect your most valuable assets.
With 350+ out-of-the-box insider threat indicators of compromise, rich metadata and outstanding search capability and playback of any policy violation, ObserveIT provides comprehensive visibility into what people – contractors, privileged users and high-risk users – are doing, and reduces investigation time from days to minutes.


Detect Insider Threats – uncover risky user actions by identifying anomalous behaviour.

Investigate with Full Context – investigate suspicious user activity in minutes – not days.

Prevent Incidents
– reduce risk with real-time user alerts, blocking and education.

THE RISK – Insiders with access to critical applications, data and systems

ObserveIT empowers organisations to:

  • Monitoring 3rd party contractors
  • Employee monitoring or privilege user monitoring
  • Prevent data exfiltration
  • Investigate incidents
  • Bridge compliance gaps


Monitor and audit all actions taken by third parties on a company’s systems, to reduce vulnerabilities, protect data and reduce risk.

Comprehensive visibility and context to trace specific actions of a user, capture and index behaviour whether negligent or malicious intent. Organizations can also anonymize captured Data to protect privacy.

Ability to search and analyse metadata and view video-playback sessions, organizations can meet stringent regulatory requirements including PCI-DSS, HIPAA, GDPR, and FERPA in a fraction of the time.

Continuously monitor data for signs of theft before exfiltration happens, can reduce the loss of financial, legal or reputational data that can put organisations at risk.

Quickly and thoroughly investigate insider threat incidents and simplify and streamline investigations by offering granular details of user activity, via visual capture and precise activity trails


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