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Osirium is an award winning, privileged access management and cyber security specialist.


Osirium protects critical IT assets, infrastructures and devices by preventing targeted cyberattacks from directly accessing Privileged Accounts, removing unnecessary access and powers of Privileged Account users, deterring legitimate Privileged Account users from abusing their roles and containing the effects of a breach if one does happen. The team has developed the concept of Virtual Air Gap to separate users from passwords, with Osirium’s Privileged Task Management module further strengthening Privileged Account security and delivering impressive return on investment (“ROI”) for customers.


Osirium’s PxM Platform is comprised of four core modules designed to make the execution of privileged tasks and DevOps faster and more secure than ever before – offering complete end-to-end accountability and audit trail of precisely who did what, where and when.

The PxM Platform ensures that privileged account credentials never exist upon the users’ workstation, making interception an impossibility. Eradicate the risks posed by sharing privileged account credentials by removing the need for them in the first place.

  • Privileged Access Management – Separates people from passwords. Prevents privileged passwords ever reaching the workstation.
  • Privileged Task Management – Remove the need for direct system access & eliminate the potential for human error
  • Privileged Session Management – Create a precise, irrefutable audit trail of exactly who did what, where and when
  • Privileged Behavior Management – Visualise latent threat within your organisation, pre-emptively prevent privileged account misuse.

PXM Platform Overview

Every IT estate is managed by privileged users – users granted elevated control through accessing privileged accounts to ensure that the uptime, performance, resources and security of the computers meet the needs of the business. The PxM Platform’s Privileged Access Management addresses both security and compliance requirements by defining who gets access to what and when.

  • Lock-down vulnerable entry points.
  • Separate people from passwords.
  • Protect and delegate Privileged Accounts with single sign-on.
  • Privileged credentials can’t be intercepted.
  • Up and running in just 8 minutes.



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