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Pre-emptive Defense against Phishing Threats

PhishRod suite integrates people, process & technology for Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response.


PhishRod is a global provider of anti-phishing solutions that integrates people, process & technology to address phishing threats by providing a centralized platform with built-in threat intelligence to identify, report, analyze and thwart phishing attacks. Our integrated & analytics driven approach to Phishing Readiness, Security Awareness & Policy Compliance has helped organizations across all verticals. PhishRod offers both On Premise & Cloud Based model with multilingual support for security awareness content including English & Arabic.


PhishRod products and services include

  • Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response
  • Phishing Simulator
  • Security Awareness Monitor
  • Policy Compliance Manager
  • Cyber Security Awareness Services

PhishRod Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response

PhishRod Automated Phishing Defense & Orchestrated Response allows the IT security teams to instantly investigate suspicious emails with the ability to quarantine and ultimately delete phishing emails from the end user’s mail box.

  • Ability to report the suspicious emails with links & attachments through Reporter Plug-In.
  • Preliminary investigation with built-in intelligence engines.
  • Integrated workflow to escalate to SOC / Email Security team for further investigation
  • Ability to quarantine / delete suspicious email from all end user mailboxes.
  • Time bound tracking of the reported phishing incidents
  • Fully integrated with PhishRod Simulator, Security Awareness Manager & Policy Compliance Manager for integrated reporting.

Phishing Simulator

PhishRod Simulator helps an organization to gauge the readiness of its employees against phishing attacks. PhishRod simulator provides a complete phishing readiness workflow with ability to import users, built-in customizable templates, and detailed analytics on phishing readiness. PhishRod phishing templates comes with click only, attachment based, data entry templates.

  • 400+ Proven Phishing Templates in Click Only, Data Entry & Attachment Based Format
  • English & Arabic Templates Support
  • Instant Awareness for Phished Users through Static & Video based Awareness
  • Analytics Driven Approach to Phishing Readiness with over 15+ KPI’s
  • Interactive Games & Quiz

Security Awareness Manager

Security Awareness Manager automates the entire security awareness program for an enterprise in a matter of few clicks. Awareness Manager is essentially a cyber security focused Learning Management System with 30+ security awareness computer-based training modules available in English & Arabic.

  • 30+ SCORM Compliant Training Modules in English & Arabic
  • Storyboard, Situation Analysis, Learning Points & Quiz at the end of each module.
  • Easy to use workflow to assign modules to end users
  • Customizable Certificate & Follow up / Reminder Mechanism
  • Analytics Driven Approach to Security Awareness with over 20+ KPI’s
  • Customizable Security Awareness Content

Policy Compliance Manager

Policy Compliance Manager is designed to simplify the compliance of corporate policies & procedures. Using an automated workflow, the corporate policies can be assigned to end users and compliance status can be measured on a powerful dashboard with correlation between phishing index, awareness index, threat advisory index & policy compliance index for the end user.

  • Ability to create new policies /projects
  • Automated workflow for policy assignment
  • Ability to add quiz to gauge policy understanding
  • Highlight key learning points
  • Policy compliance dashboard
  • Policy version management

Cyber Security Awareness Services

These services include:
  • Cyber Security Awareness Framework Development
  • Gap Analysis against SANS ML 5 Cyber Security Awareness Maturity Model
  • Customized Security Awareness Content Development
  • Computer Based Training Modules
    • Posters
    • Banners
    • Screen Savers
    • Interactive Games


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