Eliminate identity related breaches

SecureAuth enables you to use the tools of identity to solve the problems of security.


SecureAuth eliminates identity-related breaches through the continuous assessment of risk and the enablement of trust across identities. The company is a leader in access management, identity governance, and penetration testing. SecureAuth’s highly flexible Identity Security Automation platform redefines security through identity making it easier for organizations to prevent the misuse of credentials.


Only identity security solutions from SecureAuth can help you eliminate identity related breaches. Whether you need solutions to address your challenges with access managementidentity governance or penetration testing, SecureAuth enables you to use the tools of identity to solve the problems of security. Sharing intelligence across identity and security cuts remediation time, reduces risk, and ultimately secures critical assets from cyber threats.


Adaptive authentication

Employ strong access security without impacting usability. Adaptive authentication from SecureAuth strengthens security by evaluating the risk of every access attempt in the background without burdening users. Additional authentication is required only if risk is present, ensuring trusted users don’t experience friction.

Multi-factor authentication

Deliver secure authentication to your diverse stakeholders from a platform that can be deployed on premises, in the cloud, or a hybrid of the two. With over 25 different methods, SecureAuth multi-factor authentication (MFA) can accommodate nearly any use case and even enable you to go passwordless with peace of mind that your security requirements are met.

Single sign-on (SSO)

Streamline access without compromising security with a wide breadth of federation protocols including solutions for homegrown or legacy applications. SecureAuth single sign-on offers users seamless access and better productivity, combined with strong authentication to keep them secure.

User self-service

Reduce the volume of help desk calls with SecureAuth user self-service tools, which include self-service password reset, account reset, device enrollment, and profile update. Empower users to stay productive, reduce help desk burden, and maintain your security standards with SecureAuth.

Access Request
Consolidate and normalize how access is requested for all IT systems and physical assets. By providing context through the visualization of each request, SecureAuth Access Request ensures only appropriate access is granted, increasing security and reducing risk.

Automate the cost-effective creation and management of user accounts and access rights while enforcing business policies and ensuring compliance. SecureAuth Provisioning provides the complete context of relationships between users, access rights, systems, user activity, and compliance policies so that users can be appropriately provisioned from the very beginning.

Role Management
Empower managers to make informed access decisions with an innovative visualization-first approach to creating accurate user access roles. SecureAuth Role Management enables intelligent role-based access control with a simple, visual solution that delivers greater efficiency with increased security.

Access Certification
Fight certification fatigue with a graphical visualization of user entitlements. SecureAuth Access Certification provides an easy-to-use interface that provides better visibility and context to the relationship between users and entitlements. With this approach, approvers are less likely to fall into the trap of rubberstamping, leading to higher quality access reviews and reduced risk.

Password Management
Deliver a low-friction user self-service experience for your heterogeneous enterprise. SecureAuth Password Management provides a strong and secure password management solution coupled with advanced adaptive authentication that reduces help desk costs.

Core Impact
Exploit security weaknesses, increase productivity, and improve efficiencies with Core Impact’s easy-to-use penetration testing platform. Replicate attacks that pivot across systems, devices, networks, and applications to reveal how chains of exploitable vulnerabilities open paths to mission-critical systems and data.

Cyber Risk Services
Employ a trusted source for comprehensive penetration testing, red teaming and application security testing. With over 20 years’ global experience, the SecureAuth Cyber Risk Services team uses the latest tools, techniques and procedures to reduce the risk of compromise by uncovering vulnerabilities wherever they reside in your environment.

Network Insight
Get complete visibility into network threat-related activities with advanced threat-detection capabilities from SecureAuth Network Insight. Network Insight delivers actionable information about known and unknown threats regardless of the source, and arms responders with definitive evidence to quickly prevent loss.



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