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Next-Generation SIEM, UEBA, NTA and SOAR

Harness the Power of Big Data Using Machine Learning


Securonix delivers a next generation security analytics and operations management platform for the modern era of big data and advanced cyber threats.


The cybersecurity landscape is getting more complex. Hackers continue to innovate, and business technologies generate increasing amounts of data. This is making legacy security monitoring solutions obsolete as they struggle with an inability to scale and weak rule-based threat detection techniques.

Built on big data, Securonix Next-Generation SIEM combines log management, user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA), and security incident response into a complete, end-to-end security operations platform. It collects massive volumes of data in real-time, uses patented machine learning algorithms to detect advanced threats, and provides artificial intelligence-based security incident response capabilities for fast remediation.

Collect, Detect, and Respond to Advanced Threats

User and Entity Behavior Analytics

Detect Unknown Threats Using Behavior Analytics and Machine Learning

Today’s cyber threats are more sophisticated, executed on a larger scale, and have the ability to spread rapidly. For example, in 2017 WannaCry infected 45,000 systems across 74 countries within 24 hours. Traditional correlation-based security monitoring tools are not capable of detecting advanced threats like these because they lack the ability to scale, lack a broader context, and have weak analytic capabilities.

Securonix User and Entity Behavior Analytics (UEBA) leverages patented machine learning and behavior analytics to analyze and correlate interactions between users, systems, applications, IP addresses, and data. The solution learns what normal behavior patterns are and creates baselines in order to identify outliers. Light, nimble, and quick to deploy, Securonix UEBA comes with pre-packaged use case content to detect advanced insider threats, cyber threats, fraud, cloud data compromise, and non-compliance. Built-in link analysis, automated response playbooks, and case management workflows allow you to investigate and respond to threats quickly, accurately, and efficiently.

SNYPR Cloud Platform

Align Your Security Monitoring With Your Cloud Strategy

As cloud usage has grown, the need to secure your cloud applications and data has also grown. Legacy on-premises solutions often struggle to gain adequate visibility into the cloud, while the capabilities of cloud-based solutions often haven’t caught up to their on-premises versions. The SNYPR Cloud Platform gives you complete cloud security visibility while benefiting from the reduced cost and overhead that comes with deploying in the cloud.

Securonix SOAR

Fastest Mean Time to Resolve Advanced Threats

The approach of sending alerts directly from legacy security information and event management (SIEM) to security orchestration, automation, and response (SOAR) creates an overload in the SOAR solution with too many false positives that are not actionable. By adding a best-in-class user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) layer in between, Securonix is able to prioritize high risk threats and reduce the alerts into SOAR by over 90 percent.

Securonix Network Traffic Analysis

Advanced Threat Monitoring Combining Network Traffic, Security Logs, Entity Context

Customers today struggle to detect the sophisticated slow and low attacks which require monitoring a blend of network traffic activity, user actions, and system behavior patterns. Stand-alone network traffic analysis tools can monitor traffic and detect network traffic anomalies, however, such anomalies without user and system context are less actionable and just add to the noise.

Securonix provides you with a single platform that monitors and correlates network traffic events, security events, and user activities to detect the most advanced threats.

Securonix Security Data Lake

Unlimited Scalability with Rapid Search

Today’s digital world generates a vast amount of data. The three Vs of big data — volume, velocity, and variety — have made security log management a big data problem. Securonix Security Data Lake, powered by Hadoop, is a highly scalable, fault tolerant, open data platform that ingests massive amounts of data and supports reliable and economical long-term data retention. At the time it is collected, data is super enriched with contextual information including user, asset, IP address, geolocation, and network intelligence. This transforms raw log data into meaningful security insights that can be accessed using Securonix Spotter’s blazing-fast search. Additionally, the open data format lets you keep a single source of log data and make it available for visualization, analysis, and reporting by other applications.



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