SPECTRAMI offers leading and bleeding edge security services with specializations in SOC orchestration, defensive and offensive practices, infrastructure assessments, application security, and compliance. Proud to have a well-rounded and diverse Clientele, SPECTRAMI works with companies across many different verticals including Power and Utility, Telco, O&G, Retail, Financial, Media, Travel, Healthcare, Government and Defence Organizations.


SPECTRAMI provides boutique Cyber Security consulting services for our customers in the offensive and defensive space. SPECTRAMI with its team of consultants offers latest services in assessment, forensics, breach validation, incident response, Security Operations among others.

Ability to service an entire spectrum of security needs. Experienced in full lifecycle of enterprise risk management including the following:

  • IT Infrastructure Vulnerability Assessments and Penetration Tests.
  • Web and Mobile Application Pentest
  • Application source code & Architecture review/remediation;
  • Architecture and Configuration Security Reviews
  • APT/Phishing Attacks
  • Identity and access management;
  • Security Development Lifecycle Training and Review
  • Security Operations Center (SOC)
  • PCI Gap Analysis, ASV Scans, and Reports on Compliance.
  • Security policies, standards, and guidelines


Fix Tomorrow’s Threats Today!

HALO is the new standard in cyber security testing. A dedicated ethical-team of cyber security professionals drawn from 4 continents, combining Red Team, Attack and Penetration Testing skills. Bleeding edge security services with specializations in offensive practices, infrastructure assessments, application security and architecture assessments.

Unequalled as a trusted advisor to our clients, HALO goes far beyond off-the-shelf code scanning tools performing gap analysis on information security policies and protocols.

We conduct in-depth analysis of information systems, software architecture, and source code by using the Dark Web’s leading threat intelligence vectors.

With multiple Zero-Day advisories, HALO leverages the smartest code breakers money can buy to analyze your threat footprint, providing remediation today for the threats your competition will face tomorrow.


Grow Revenue, Not Resources


The #1 concern, for customers buying your technology whether you have post-sales presence. The ability to conduct high/low-level design, implementation and on-site support for a product is one of the critical buying factors. No Vendor can maintain ‘projected growth rates’ unless they meet the challenges of scalable post-sales provision.

  • Spectrami truly understands the challenges you face scaling business
  • Every member of our management team has multi-Vendor experience
  • Spectrami’s Incognito exists to address the challenges of agility, scalability and geographic expansion without the risk associated with using a third-party.




In today’s ever more connected world, Small to Medium Enterprises face a frightening battle against sophisticated cyber threats at a time when the availability of information security experts is at an all-time low.

Small and Medium sized business often struggle to justify the cost for a Chief Information Officer which is where Spectrami vCISO comes in.

  • Your own virtual board-level resource available to your organisation at a fraction of the cost
  • Access to a team of Cyber Security Experts with 20 years front line experience
  • Independent gap analysis of your current security posture alongside a full security
  • infrastructure review
  • Assessment of your security procurement process
  • Develop a robust security policy for your organisation to follow
  • Define a threat response strategy to reduce your risk and brand exposure
  • Ensure regulatory compliance Skill assessment to broaden the knowledge of
  • your existing team
  • Immediate access to an incident response team to investigate and remediate cyber breaches


Turning data into information can be difficult, ‘Big Data’ takes this challenge to a new level; social media, market dynamics, internal systems information, news feeds, world events make for chaotic data flows.

Making sense of these data flows, analysing them so they inform management decision making is critical to growing your business in a world where your consumers are equally connected and can react instantaneously to events.

So, with all this chaos, making the unpredictable, predictable is a must and this is exactly what AMIS – EQ’s, Analytiq platform does. Our analysts will help

you develop new insights into your business, your market and how your customers think making sure the next decision you need to make is the best one.


Vendor Level Talent

All engineers are highly experienced & fully accredited Market Perception.

spec services-02


Short lead times so you have Services when you want them.

spec services-01


To meet your needs, whether you want one engineer or 100’s.


Regional Knowledge

Engineers based in your country who understand your way of business.

spec services-03

Sensible Pricing

Delivering Vendor level services without Vendor level pricing


With the rapid evolution of technology, organizations need to implement and support new projects quickly, all without sacrificing business continuity. SPECTRAMI’s team ensures you have the best quality services and support no matter your IT requirement.

At SPECTRAMI, we understand the challenges you face delivering these critical projects on time and under budget. Why? Because every member of our management team has 20+ years’ experience doing just that; we don’t just understand your pain, we’ve lived it.

So, whether you need to fuse disruptive technologies alongside existing products or deliver an entirely new system, SPECTRAMI provides the, ‘best in class’,services to support your goals without breaking your budget.


Let’s talk about how we can help you drive your business transformation.

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