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ShadowDragon provides digital investigation tools to help simplify complex fact finding.


ShadowDragon architects cyber intelligence solutions that enable organizations to detect, stop and attribute the actions of malicious actors in the physical or digital world. Our digital investigation tools simplify complex fact finding, real-time drill down and correlation of case specific digital artifacts, enabling you to quickly make connections to move investigations forward. These solutions monitor and analyze threat data from partner and proprietary databases as well as hundreds of sources on the Internet and the dark web.


ShadowDragon’s digital investigation tools simplify complex fact finding, real-time drill down and correlation of case-specific digital artifacts, enabling you to quickly make connections to more investigations forward.

  • MalNet – MalNet brings together the industry’s most extensive malware threat information from Proofpoint ET Intelligence with Maltego link analysis capabilities from ShadowDragon. MalNet enables incident responders, threat analysts and law enforcement to identify and visualize malware connections in just seconds to expedite investigations, response, and malware protection.
  • SocialNet – Using SocialNet, you can uncover identities, correlations, networks of associates and available geographical information in just minutes. Since bad actors likely use the internet to communicate for themselves personally, to coordinate criminal activities or as a tool for malicious actions, SocialNet can be invaluable for both cyber or physical criminal investigations and social media forensics. 
  • OIMonitor – OIMonitor narrows data collection in dark web monitoring and investigations based on your parameters. You choose data sources and define alerts to create an automated intelligence gathering process. This eliminates much of the time-consuming analysis needed to identify trends and correlate threats. You spend less time scanning reports, and more time acting on relevant intelligence.
  • AliasDB – AliasDB serves as both a research resource and documentation tool in collecting information about suspected bad actors. Access our database of 70,000 confirmed threat actors and 8,000 aliases, including documented attribution and correlation of known associates. Then use AliasDB software to edit and add to an adversary’s profile for your own use or to collaborate with a team.
  • Spotter – Whether you need to fuel, expand or finalize an investigation, and even collect defensible attribution—Spotter can help. Spotter works by allowing you to engage incognito with your target via a website redirect that tracks the technical aspects of the interaction. You can utilize intelligence gathering tactics of your choice to collect case-specific information while verifying a target’s identity, IP identification and often their physical location.


Every modern investigation requires collecting, correlating and verifying multiple types of information, across multiple online environments. Our tools simplify this process by allowing repetitive queries and drill down on typical types of data found to speed conclusions and decisions.



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